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For Consumers - Benefits and advantages of PlantZap®

Demand for Healthy and Affordable Beverage Alternatives

  • Degenerative diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, among others, have become widespread in many countries, particularly Western societies. Diets rich in sugar and sodium, among other factors, have been placed at the centre of the debate for finding the causes of such diseases. The consumption of beverage products rich in sugar and other sweeteners is being highlighted by authorities, consumer groups, regulators and the public opinion as part of the cause of such degenerative health conditions. PlantZap® offers the possibility of reducing the amount of sugar in beverages while providing naturally sourced electrolytes, mainly potassium, which are vital for adequate body fluid balance.


Pleasant Taste and Feel

  • Beverages prepared with PlantZap® formulations have a pleasant taste. As a matter of fact,PlantZap® can enhance the flavour of beverages whose formulations with stevia or other sweeteners are not delivering the results demanded by consumers and/or are complicated to manage for manufacturers. For instance, stevia has a metallic back-note which requires a heavy concentration of flavours and other ingredients to conceal. PlantZap® solves the problem, by providing the adequate flavour and consistency without excessive use of other flavours or ingredients. Low calorie juices have been difficult to formulate and their taste is not satisfactory as compared to that of their full calorie versions. PlantZap® enables the manufacturing of low calorie juices, preserving and even enhancing their flavour and mouth feel without adding artificial components. Such benefits can be extended to other beverage and food categories under adequate flavour systems.


Natural Source of Electrolytes

  • Sports beverages, aimed at replenishing lost minerals through vigorous physical activity, are widely consumed in several markets around the world. These are formulated with large quantities of sugar and minerals obtained from artificial chemical processes. Products in these categories are positioned to be consumed by high performance sports practitioners and many consumers find them difficult to approach. PlantZap® will enable beverage manufacturers to produce sports drinks formulations with naturally sourced electrolytes, lower natural sweetener, no artificial sweetener content and flavour systems which could differ significantly from the traditional sport drinks offerings and, thus, attract more consumers into this and other related beverage categories.

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