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NNP has undertaken significant efforts to raise the awareness about PlantZap® and its benefits among major global and regional Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in different parts of the world, including the U.S, Mexico, Central America, the UK, Australia, India and China, among others.

In parallel, NNP has devoted significant time and resources to build a calibration plant at Tala, a major sugar mill owned by GAM, a leading sugar producer in Mexico. The calibration plant has enabled NNP to operate the production of PlantZap® at industrial scale and address the technical challenges of the PlantZap® operation.

The proven success of the calibration plant and the scalability of its operations has enabled NNP to establish the platform to negotiate with different sugar companies, including GAM, the installation of PlantZap® production facilities and/or the contribution of financial resources for the installation and operation of such facilities at the local Joint Venture level and/or the contribution of financial resources at the NNP level. According to recent estimates made by NNP, the installation of a full scale PlantZap® plant, which could produce up to 18,000 metric tons of concentrate per year, would be sufficient to meet the estimated initial demand for PlantZap®.

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