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  • Granted exclusive rights for the global commercialization of PlantZap® by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry Queensland (DAFFQ) (May 2012);
  • Signed an agreement with GAM, a leading sugar producer in Mexico, for the installation of a calibration plant (September 2012);
  • Has presented PlantZap® to a large number of global and regional beverage and food companies in the Americas, Western Europe, as well as the Asia Pacific Rim, many of whom have indicated serious interest in utilizing PlantZap® for beverage and food applications;
  • Has commissioned the design of a full scale plant given GAM's operating parameters; these can be modified and applied to build a PlantZap® facility at any existing sugar mill;
  • Is engaged in dialog with different sugar companies interested in hosting a PlantZap® operation within their mills;
  • Has raised the interest of potential business and financial partners.

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