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PlantZap® creates the opportunity to develop a new way to manufacture, produce and market healthy, naturally rehydrating beverages, which are low sugar, low in sodium and high in potassium. Furthermore, PlantZap® is made from sugar cane juice, which makes it a sustainable product, as it is linked to an industry that has existed for a long time in many parts of the world and does not require incremental crops or ingredients. The manufacturing of PlantZap® enables a more efficient operation of the sugar mills through savings in water and energy usage, improved sugar quality and improved sugar yields. As the PlantZap® components would usually be lost through the crushing and crystallization process involved in sugar production, PlantZap® represents an additional revenue stream to the sugar industry, which normally operates under narrow profit margins.

The following table features some of the beverage applications and a comparison with traditional offering
Examples of Beverage Applications for PlantZap®

Product Key Features of
Key Features of
offering with
Sports Drinks
  • High sugar content
  • Electrolytes are sourced from artificial salts:
    - Sodium citrate
    - Monopotassium phosphate
    - Potassium phosphate
    - Sodium citrate
  • Manufacturing of full flavored products with a fraction of the sweetener
  • Electrolytes naturally contained in sugar cane and extracted physically from the sugar production stream
  • Rich in naturally sourced potassium
  • PlantZap®’s  composition, flavor and consistency enables the possibility of producing low calorie, full flavored sports beverages / isotonics with natural ingredients
  • Source of natural electrolytes (sodium + potassium)
  • Coconut water taste is difficult to manage
  • Needs to be masked with significant amounts of sugar and/or strong flavors (e.g.,fruit juices, chocolate)
  • Full flavor beverage formulation with same or better hydration properties than those of coconut water without adding excessive sugar
  • Composition, flavor and consistency enables the manufacturing of full flavor beverages with same or better hydration properties than those of coconut water without adding excessive sugar/other ingredients.
  • Sustainable alternative to the challenging supply chain of coconut water
Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • High sugar content
  • Low calorie versions formulated with artificial sweeteners or stevia
  • Product taste and mouth feel not as satisfactory as that of the full calorie version
  • Full Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) beverage with a fraction of the sugar and  same/similar taste and mouth feel as that of the full calorie version
  • Added functionality with natural ingredients and  without incremental cost
  • Taste can be improved significantly, as compared to the offerings containing artificial sweeteners or stevia
Liquid Yoghurt
  • Fruit flavoured products have a high sugar content
  • Low fat versions contain starch, which adds back consistency, at the expense of significant amounts of added carbohydrates
  • Low calorie / low fat version, with added functionality, without the need to add starch  or artificial sweeteners
  • PlantZap® enables a low calorie / low fat product version, with added functionality, and without added starch  or artificial sweeteners


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